Minor project 2: Looped! An arcade game with a bit of narrative Arcade games are a fun way of gaming and interacting. Playing games is one of my hobbies and I wanted to use this as a starting point to start my project. For this project I wanted to make something exciting and fun to… Read more »

Expo: 2082 / Bastille

Minor project 1: Expo: 2082 / Bastille What if a big company had all the power? We always look at the future from the present, but what if we would take a look at the future from even further in the future? Expo: 2082 / Bastille examines a potential future where a company has used… Read more »

About me

Yin-Yong Lim   E-mail: kaioken.1231@gmail.com LinkedIn: click here CV: click here   Interests: (graphic) design, new concepts, interaction, making gifs, games (gaming in general), gunpla. Programs: (Adobe) Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, (also learning Unity) Languages: Dutch, English, Chinese (Mandarin) I’m a graphic design student, 23-years-old from Amsterdam and currently studying at AKV st. Joost in… Read more »

park AR

Project 3: park AR Navigate & inform… again? For this project I investigated my neighborhood and came up with a scenario that would change the interaction in the park. I searched around my area where i lived and found this park quite interesting. The Wilhelmina park in Breda. My idea was to implement different meeting… Read more »

Privacy Analyzer

Project Privacy Analyzer Privacy scandal here, privacy scandal there. Privacy is a very actual topic right now. In the age we live in the lines between what is acceptable or not with privacy is starting to blur more. With rapid advancing technologies it’s getting harder for laws and governments to step in and take action…. Read more »

Fake news

Fake News project Right or wrong? The assignment is to develop a new visual process based on mistakes and failures with the theme: right wrong. This term can be understood in different ways. My first assignments were to make ‘right wrong’ pictures. It was also my intention to limit myself to making images.

Vintage Recyling

Project: Research Design Research together with design? For this project I started to research different themes around sustainability. With this project I wanted to address the image around second hand stuff. Therefore I collected free (and bought) items from thrift stores and second hand shops. With these items I wanted to show people that these… Read more »

ABN-AMRO Identity

Project 2: Identity Design ABN-AMRO the bank you can trust on The starting point for this project is collaboration with fellow students. Each team gets an organization or company with which you have to work. Identity and image are also central. I have been put in a team with three other fellow students, Dilay, Chimène… Read more »

  • Theory

    Design: The Whole Story

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    Theorie: Design the whole story   Wilhide, E., & Glancey, J. (2016). Design: the whole story (Herz. ed.). Londen, Verenigd Koninkrijk: Thames & Hudson.   ‘One of the most important technological influences upon modern design was the development of mass production in factories.’ (Wilhide & Glancey, 2016b, p. 110) Het héle verhaal van de ontwerp… Read more »

  • Visual Expertise

    What can I do with it?

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    Visuele Expertise Les 1: Materialen, Techniek & Tools Wat kan ik ermee? Dat is de vraag. Als voorbereiding voor deze les visuele expertise werd er gevraagd om vijf video’s te bekijken en hiervan een top drie te maken en daarbij een video te vervangen. Ook heb ik een kleine blauwe robot als object meegenomen. Dit… Read more »

  • Projects

    Michel Gütlich

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    Project 1: Empathise Empathise: Het inleven in een ander Dit was de eerste opdracht van het tweede leerjaar. Tijdens het tweede lesjaar word er met de ‘design thinking methodiek’ gewerkt. Design thinking bestaat uit zes onderdelen: empathise, define, ideate, prototype, test en implement. Voor dit eerste project richt ik mij op onderdeel ’empathise’. De opdracht… Read more »

  • Innovation

    Conditional Design

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    Technologie 4 Conditional and generative Tijdens de lessen van Technologie was het de bedoeling om met conditionele en generatieve denk- en werkmethodes te werk te gaan. Om hiermee regels en afspraken te maken tot een ontwerp. Hierbij is het proces belangrijk. Voor mijn idee heb ik eerst een template gemaakt om hiermee figuren te maken…. Read more »

  • Projects

    Blue vs. Red

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    Blue vs. Red orchestrated conflict The assignment was to make a joint magazine with the theme: orchestrated conflict. First we had to investigate the theme ourselves. A conflict starts with two sides. With two conflicting sides it also needs two different sides first. I thought it would be fun to do this project with a… Read more »

  • Assignment

    Dog’s best friend

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    Zintuigen & Makerschap 3 HACKEN ALS ONTWERPSTRATEGIE? De derde periode van het vak Zintuigen & Makerschap. De opdracht was om een 1:1 gerealiseerde hack te maken. Hierbij was het van belang om hacken als ontwerpstrategie te gebruiken. Niet om een computer te hacken maar om een object of dienst zo aan te passen dat het… Read more »

  • Illustrations


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    Technologie 3 VORMSTORMING Tijdens de lessen van Technologie was het de bedoeling om met verschillende experimentele ontwerpsvormen te werken. Om daarbij nieuwe vormen te creëren die nog niet bestaan. Het hoeft allemaal niet goed of fout. Dit kan juist betere of interessantere vormen opleveren. Vormstorming is techniek die we geleerd hebben tijdens de workshops van… Read more »

  • Research

    Research: Facebook

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    Beyond the Facebook

  • Research

    Research: Readability

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    Readability and miscommunication

  • Innovation

    Supervisor vs. Author?

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    Technologie 2