Research: IKEA GRID


Explore, experiment & doing it.

The first assignment was to choose a public, accessible self chosen place. After a long brainstorming session, I arrived at the IKEA. The following week I went to the IKEA in Breda and took the first pictures there.

How is the process going?

I came to the conclusion that there were a lot of patterns in the IKEA. Patterns made by the IKEA or patterns I have been looking for myself. The last 2 pictures show that. This gave me the idea to make my own IKEA patterns to get that IKEA feeling back. (as a staged sensory experience) Below are the sketches & tests.

Evaluation & Assessment

For my thesis I chose to make an isometric grid and apply the pattern to it. I did this so that the size of the furniture is correct. I also experimented with my digital sketches to make a mix between analog & digital. The idea is to reflect the IKEA feeling in my work by the amount of furniture the IKEA does not sell.

Personally, I think this project went well. I’ve worked on larger formats (A1 & A2) and am satisfied with this. The feedback was that I still clung too much to the isometric grid. This makes it look less personal. The criticism was also that I looked too little at my own options. A good example was to reduce & increase the size of the furniture. I myself could not have seen this.

A pitfall of mine is that sometimes I can focus too much on something, which causes me to lose the overview and sometimes I don’t take the right steps in the process. This is another point for improvement for the third period.

Written by yin-yong