Workshop: Prototyping

Quick prototyping

Form follows function

This workshop looked at the function of construction, sizes, materials and how that communicates to the user. I made a lot of different sketches / construction drawings of an iPhone charger. First I drew these on different sizes and techniques. After that I made a 1:1 scale model out of clay. I opted for clay because this material could make beautiful curves and fake them.


In this workshop five different ideas were thought up with which you could make a design for it. I chose to design a power strip that you could use at your desk. My first idea was to make a power strip in a cubic shape. Another idea was to put a kind of box at the bottom for stuff on your desk.


In the last workshop I worked out my idea from the previous workshop. The idea was to merge a desk lamp and socket and make them suitable for a desk. At first I did this by simply merging them together but that didn't work out very well. The next idea was to combine a pendant lamp with socket. It would hang from the ceiling and shine light. On the side/bottom you can then plug in your plugs.

Written by yin-yong