Fake news

Fake News project

Right or wrong?

The assignment is to develop a new visual process based on mistakes and failures with the theme: right wrong. This term can be understood in different ways. My first assignments were to make 'right wrong' pictures. It was also my intention to limit myself to making images.

How does the image process go?

When making the first images I limited myself, like drawing with my left hand, painting with ropes, drawing blindfolded, etc. By discussing the work to be made with the teacher, I came to the theme: errors in the systems. I also made collages and one of the collages was interesting. The collage with texts that are cut up. This reminded me of texts that are readable or not, understandable or not.

Because people interpret texts differently per person, the definition right or wrong has disappeared. What can be very offensive for one person is very funny for another. Especially in the digital age this has become worse. From experience I know that on the anonymous post website 4chan the worst things pass by. The reason people react so "badly" is because this all happens anonymously. Because of this they can't be looked up by others and they can express their opinions, right or wrong.

Evaluation & Final Evaluation

The final idea was to make a fake newsreel. For that I first needed reactions. The idea came to me to use Facebook. Here the profile of the person is available to everyone online. I looked up and used different news pages. These are the pages: RTL News, PowNed, nu.nl. After that I looked up controversial news articles and the reactions to them. At a glance I was able to find the reactions and used them. Before filming I decided to do that behind a green screen. For that I first had to follow a workshop green screen.

I personally thought this was a nice project. During the process it was a bit awkward because I couldn't choose the right format yet but still it was best in video format.

The pitfall is that I still had my doubts about doing it behind a green screen. But still I was able to do it and I am satisfied with the result.

Written by yin-yong