Workshop: Edible Design

Project: Edible Design

Cooking and designing at the same time?

Project 1 is the first project of semester 4. The project is about edible design. In this project eating and designing is central. Collaboration with fellow students and team building is also the starting point. This project takes three days.


The first day was a brainstorming session together. The intention was to collect as many images as possible and to place them on the theme. These in turn were divided into three categories. Food, graphic and space. I myself chose to continue with the Food theme in the project.


The second day there was a workshop about making pasta. The ingredients, kneading, cutting, etc. It was very interesting to make pasta because I've never done this before.


The third day was to work out a plan to present before the end of the project. And for me it was very interesting to continue making pasta. I experimented with different flavors in the pasta. Flavours like sweet & salty. I processed that with different ingredients. Parmesan cheese, chili flakes & even chocolate. I worked this out together with a classmate of mine.

Evaluation & reflection

I myself thought it was strange at first that you could 'design' with cooking. But you have many different possibilities with cooking and decorating food on a plate. Playing with different ingredients, different cooking techniques and more. It's just like graphic design that there's a kind of methodology to design with cooking. I also found working together with other classmates fun and educational.

Written by yin-yong