Research: Time

Time and immersion

Where am I? How do i view the world?

The assignment was to draw the room with only hints. After the workshop I found out that my drawing was similar to my other fellow students. Is this because of my own gaze? Or is it because I have my own vision? But with this course I learned how to develop and execute my own look & vision.

How does the process go?

After the first assignment it went from someone else’s room to my own room. At that time I still lived temporarily in Tilburg. The next step was to find an interesting place from your room for the next assignment. For this I chose the rotating house at the roundabout in Tilburg.

Throughout the weeks I did a lot of walking sketches, taking pictures, etc. But where I experimented a lot was amazing: video. Never before have I really experimented with video. But this yielded an interesting aspect, namely: time.

With the concept of time I continued experimenting and ended up with the daily routine, the same every day. Also what the roundabout experiences every day.

Evaluation & Assessment

For my thesis I translated the concept of ‘daily grind’ to my own view. By translating it into a calendar. At the beginning of this assignment I didn’t expect that I would & could make such a kind of work. By thinking differently than what I normally do, I came to a better & less cliché image.

Personally I think I did the most in this subject compared to the other 2 large subjects (Senses & Sources) In the process I dared to take the biggest steps which also made the work better. Also during the process there were constant feedback moments between teachers & fellow students which helped.

Written by yin-yong