Blue vs. Red

Blue vs. Red

orchestrated conflict

The assignment was to make a joint magazine with the theme: orchestrated conflict. First we had to investigate the theme ourselves. A conflict starts with two sides. With two conflicting sides it also needs two different sides first. I thought it would be fun to do this project with a classmate. Together we could discuss the research and the work.

How is the process going?

During the research we first had as theme fire against water. A classic example of a conflict. After some more research the theme shifted to red against blue. We also looked at the form of the conflict, about how we can best execute the conflict against each other. In the research we also looked at how other people discuss and solve conflicts with each other.

We came up with the idea of starting political campaigns against each other. I had a different idea to win votes than my classmate. The colour I represent is red. In order to do this, we each made a campaign poster to convince the voters to vote for a colour. We distributed these posters throughout the academy.

Voting is part of the campaign. For this we made a small installation. This was for a week in the atrium, on it hung our posters and you could vote in the middle. This also included posters to go and vote. These were also distributed by the academy.

Evaluation & Final Evaluation

The idea behind the campaigns red and blue against each other comes from the American presidential campaign in 2016. Trump vs. Hillary, red for the Republicans and blue for the Democrats. We thought it would be a good idea to do a parody on this. In order to solve the conflict in a democratic way, the idea was to have debates. We have now done this through the campaign. (Speeches on posters)

I personally thought this was an interesting project. For the first time I ran a political campaign. And working with a classmate is not the same as working alone. Collaboration is important and necessary in this type of project. Competence also makes this even better. In the coming years I would like to experiment with political campaigns.

Written by yin-yong