Expo: 2082 / Bastille

Minor project 1: Expo: 2082 / Bastille

What if a big company had all the power?

We always look at the future from the present, but what if we would take a look at the future from even further in the future? Expo: 2082 / Bastille examines a potential future where a company has used genetic data of their clientele to create the cure for many diseases, but at the same time used the same information to create clones. What is the impact of having yourself cloned on society? How would these clones thrive in a society that is not waiting for them? How would the people that actually got helped by this company react to its downfall?Expo: 2082 / Bastille is a transmedial experience making use of speculative reflection: looking back at a history that has not happened (yet).

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Written by yin-yong