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Visual Expertise Lesson 5: Editorial

Evaluation and Reflection... Already?

In preparation of this lesson in visual expertise, we were asked to read a few chapters from the book: 'The form of text'. These chapters are about: Typography and the role of the designer, Ways of reading, Flow of ideas and 'invisible' typography, Navigation; Organizing information, Controlling the canvas; Automatic layout and Modularity and efficiency. We also had to bring all our visual expertise reports to the workshop.

How does the process go?

The assignment is to make the past visual lessons a coherent whole. This can be done in different ways. I thought it would be best to make a magazine. At the front this magazine has a kind of index that leads you to the other visual reports / chapters.

These are the first few sketches. The teacher recommended me to look at the work of Karel Martens, especially the work he did for the architects magazine 'Oase'. He also told me that the headlines should visually tell something about the projects (reports). So that people who read the magazine can make a visual link. Just like newspapers at a kiosk, the headlines and the visual part of the magazine have to stand out to win the competition.

Evaluation / reflection

What I learned from this lesson is to look at the editing & the visual aspect. Editing plays a bigger role than I thought. Titles have to have some kind of 'suction' so that people become interested in my work.

Written by yin-yong