Scale & Volume

Visual Expertise: Scale & Volume

Spatial relations & the user

The workshop was about the awareness of the spatial relationships between user, function and object. To look at multifunctional places, meeting places. These play an increasingly important role. How can a sitting or standing place influence objects in the space?  In the workshop we had to take a space in or around the academy where I, as a designer, can influence the space with a sitting or standing place.

For this I took the stairwell at the end of the corridor. At this stairwell there is a lot of light coming in through the windows and the space between the steps is very limited. I found this interesting to take as a starting point. My idea was to fill the stairwell with balloons that get bigger and bigger as you go up the stairs. In the corners there are beanbags shaped like balloons.

Human size & scale

The workshop was about using human size, scale & proportion to influence user behavior. By deviating from the human scale, objects can cause the user to behave/feel differently.

Written by yin-yong