The Chair

Visual Expertise: The Chair

Material, style, production and history

These workshops all have an overarching theme: The chair. First I looked at chair design over the years. An innovative chair design says something about the architecture and technique of that time. And how was the chair visualized? Through photography or drawing? The first assignment was to research the chairs through the years. I made a timeline (matrix) of the chairs in four categories: organic, geometric, lots & lots of comfort.

Constructing & deconstructing

The function and form are the most important aspects of a chair. Do you really have to be able to sit on the chair to call it a chair? Or should it look like a chair? What makes a chair a chair? For this workshop the intention was to take an ordinary chair apart and reassemble it in a different way. By deconstructing it is possible to look at the chair in a different way.

Material & construction

A construction often consists of two or more parts that together make a whole. In these workshops the details of the chair and the technical possibilities of a construction were investigated. Before that I researched different techniques online and found laser cutting interesting. Then I went into the workshops to make a mini chair with the laser cutter. It was the first time I worked with the laser cutter and was completely new to me.

Written by yin-yong