Erosion Clock

Innovation: Race against the clock

Time costs money

At the beginning of the workshop an explanation was given about how designers deal with the concept of time and what kind of designs they have made. The first design is called the: 10,000 year clock. This is a clock that would be placed in a mountain in America and would run for hundreds / thousands of years. The second design is called: Real Time by designer Maarten Baas. This is a series of clocks where the designer himself draws the hands of the clock as it were.

How does the process go?

The first assignment was to create a wordweb in groups of three about the concept of time. We arrived at four subcategories: man, life, material & nature.

The next step was to expand the word web with a few words. The become we chose are erosion, relative & terminator. From erosion and relative we ended up with a black hole. With that fact a classmate had drawn a black hole in 2d which looks like an hourglass / funnel. After that we brainstormed about some kind of erosion water clock.

Evaluation / reflection

What I've learned from it is that time is a relatively large concept. There are many possibilities with time and with brainstorming. Also during the design of a product or service. You have to be open to everything while brainstorming.

Written by yin-yong