Innovation: Sound Design

Innovation: Sound design

  • Bron: Puri x JHORRMOUNTAIN x Adje - Coño

We have chosen to adapt Baudet's speeches and statements to make a parody of the song: 'Coño. In one of Baudet's statements the word 'lavender' came up. We thought this was a nice starting point.

Sound design & visual reaction

In this workshop we look at the possibilities of sound as a designer. Sound design. Insights are given about what sound is & how you can use it in the design process. In this workshop I worked together with four other classmates. We have chosen to take something with the speeches (sound) of Dutch politician Thierry Baudet.

Visual reaction

In the next workshop we worked with the program: MAX. MAX is a program with which you can generate images from audio. By connecting different digital synthesizers together, an image is generated by the audio. The effects can be set to random so that the image that is shown is very different.


At the last workshop we were asked to fine-tune the projects of last time. That's why I went to see what Thierry's speeches do to you and exaggerated them in the video.

Written by yin-yong