Design method for writing

Study Career Guidance

Myself, me and entrepreneurship

For the lessons the intention was to take a good look at myself. By reflecting on my development of my studies. About the role of the designer and what kind of position I can take to better approach my studies.

In this semester it was the intention to start a professionalization project. The intention was to improve your entrepreneurship. Wanting to present better or visit more museums. I chose to write better. Not in the sense of grammar, but more in creative writing.

My study teacher recommended me the book: 'jippie ik schrijven een joepie', written by Joep Luycx. This book teaches you to write more creatively by using the method shown in the book. Making a yoepie. A yoepie is an answer in three times five lines. During the making of these yoepies we also look at different techniques to give it more figure. For example by reversing or exaggerating the texts. I myself wrote one about cleaning the kitchen in my room.

  • Luycx, J. (2017). Jippie, ik schrijf een joepie (3rd ed.). Amsterdam: De joepie uitgeverij.

evaluation / reflection

I learned a lot from the book and from writing. I now see that also with writing there are different techniques to be creative with it. By using the different techniques the texts become better. Writing a joepie is also a form of a method that designers also use. I also applied this writing technique to project 3.

Written by yin-yong