Privacy Analyzer (additional information)

Project Privacy Analyzer

Privacy scandal here, privacy scandal there.

The last period of the first year. The assignment was to create a project with my interpretation on the theme of privacy. The first week of the project started with the excursion to Berlin. In Berlin I looked at what people left behind on the streets that could violate their privacy. Phone numbers, email addresses and street names. I also took pictures of the surroundings of Berlin itself.

How is the process going?

During my research I came across different perspectives. I thought it would be interesting to work with a privacy policy. This is interesting because hardly anyone reads these agreements and just accepts them. The two questions I asked myself at the time are: Why doesn't anyone want to read them?' and 'How could I make this easier for the reader?'.

The answer to the first question is because a privacy policy consists of more than 3000 to 4000 words. Hardly anyone is interested in reading it, and this allows companies to get away with obscure practices. A good recent example is Facebook.

My idea and answer to question two was to create a website where people can see and understand the privacy policies of companies. By simplifying it and making it accessible. With the service I want to provide, I also want to create an awareness campaign.

Evaluation & Final Review

I personally thought this was the best project of the first year. By applying everything I learned throughout the year to this project was fun. From film to promotional material to websites. Furthermore, I don't have much more to add, the project went very well and received good feedback and criticism.

Written by yin-yong